Reflecting on my First Year of Medical School

On May 20th, I took my last exam of my first year of medical school. During the past two weeks that I have had off, I’ve had some time to reflect on all that has happened in my life as a first-year medical student. This year was filled with ups and downs. It started withContinue reading “Reflecting on my First Year of Medical School”

Patient Turned Medical Student

“It’s not what happens to us that defines us. It’s what we choose to do with what happens to us that defines us.” – Elizabeth Smart A few weeks ago, I attended a talk given by a doctor who had a life-threatening illness fairly early on in his life. Now, this doctor is treating patientsContinue reading “Patient Turned Medical Student”

Celebrating One Year of my Blog!

I cannot believe it has already been a year since I started my blog, but what a year its been! In November of 2020 I found out I needed surgery. After going through so many years of being in the unknown, I was actually excited for the opportunity to get answers by having surgery. IContinue reading “Celebrating One Year of my Blog!”

The Emotional and Mental Aspects of Endometriosis

“It’s a difficult thing to sit with pain and just be. To sit beside it, acknowledge it and be whole in its presence. To experience pain in that way, I had to constantly remind myself that it wasn’t me. It was just a sensation. I was bigger than the pain and I could withstand it,Continue reading “The Emotional and Mental Aspects of Endometriosis”

Going to School with Endometriosis

This past Friday I took my first medical school exam in human anatomy. It was a tough week leading up to the exam – there is so much information to learn and try to study – however, I’m happy it’s over and I now know I can get through it for future exams. When youContinue reading “Going to School with Endometriosis”

Part 2: Tips for Traveling with Endometriosis

Part 2 of my summer series on my experiences with traveling with endometriosis and tips to still enjoy vacation even with endo flares. Before going on vacation, a small trip, or even just staying somewhere else for the night I always have to plan and prepare a little more as I pack. If I knowContinue reading “Part 2: Tips for Traveling with Endometriosis”