Part 2: Tips for Traveling with Endometriosis

Part 2 of my summer series on my experiences with traveling with endometriosis and tips to still enjoy vacation even with endo flares.

  1. Before going on vacation, a small trip, or even just staying somewhere else for the night I always have to plan and prepare a little more as I pack. If I know I’m going to be in the car for a long time or on a plane, I always pack many pads and tampons in my suitcase or carry on. Most times, I pack too much, but I never know how many I will go through, so better more than not enough. I also pack my heating pad so that I can use it as soon as there is an available outlet or when I make it to my destination if I get a burst of cramping or back pain. I also pack over the counter and prescribed pain medication and my small calendar book that I use as a symptom tracker so I can still track and record how I feel each day even when on vacation.
  2. Before leaving or when traveling, I always go online and do some research on the area I am going to. I look to see where the closest drug stores will be just in case I would run out of products or pain medications.
  3. When traveling with others for long hours, it’s important to just be honest with how you are feeling. Speak up if you need to pull over and get to a restroom, get something out of your suitcase, or simply need help.
  4. Staying in another bed other than your own can be uncomfortable with endometriosis. I always make sure to pack a blanket of my own and towel that I will use specifically at night in case I am bleeding heavily.
  5. Period Underwear. Does anyone else have underwear specifically for when you’re bleeding, cause I sure do. I pack them and most often wear them to bed. I don’t worry if I stain them, I only care that they will be comfortable during heavy days or bad flares.
  6. Outfits. I do try to plan outfits for when I am away. I pack nicer things, but ultimately always end up packing more comfortable outfit choices if I am unsure how I will be feeling once I’m there. Loose, high waisted shorts are a go to.
  7. When it comes to bathing suits I have always stayed away from white. They always intimated me when I would be bleeding heavily and I was terrified to stain them unknowingly and have everyone see. BUT if you want a white bathing suit, go rock a white bathing suit.
  8. If the place you are staying at has a tub, it’s always nice to soak in hot water during a flare. If not, I personally find standing in the shower with the hot water hitting my back to be just as efficient when it comes to relieving some of the pain.
  9. Sadly, there may be moments throughout the trip when you just have to sit some of the activities out. In my opinion it’s better to sit out and take a break for a couple of hours so hopefully you can feel better and jump back in later in the day or the next morning. Overall, remember to listen to your body.
  10. Traveling and going away from home with endometriosis can be difficult. There may be some extra planning and worrying, so it’s important to find things that work for you to be best prepared, but also enjoy your trip and those you are with.

Comment below any and all tips that you use or find work/do not work when traveling with endometriosis!

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