Traveling with Endometriosis

This past weekend I took a trip to Chapel Hill, North Carolina with my mom, dad, and one of my sisters, Kelly. This fall, Kelly will be attending pharmacy school at University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill – the #1 pharmacy school in the nation! Seeing the campus and where Kelly will be living and studying was exciting and I am so damn proud of her.

Summertime, warm weather, and vacations are all exciting during this time of year. However, taking a trip and traveling with endometriosis can add some additional planning and worrying before leaving home. For me personally, in the past when going on trips, I would be worried about being in the car for long periods of time. What if I had a flare while in the car and couldn’t plug in a heating pad? What if I got my period so severely and didn’t have access to a bathroom? Then the thoughts about packing. Most times I would over prepare and pack too much, but I was always stocked up on underwear, products, pain medications, and heating pads. And of course the worst possibility I can think of when it comes to being on vacation with endometriosis is missing out on the relaxation and fun. The unpredictability of endometriosis has caused me to be cooped up in hotel rooms and bathrooms while my family and friends are out having a good time, enjoying vacation. Dealing with endometriosis away from home can be hard and defeating, making it feel like it rules your life. There’s so much additional planning and worrying when all you want to do is go on vacation or take a weekend getaway.

However, this past weekend was the first trip I have taken since my surgery. I can honestly say that the previous fears I have had when it came to my endometriosis and traveling disappeared. I was not worried about the long car ride, staying in a hotel room, or missing out on any of the fun and new experiences. I am so happy with the results of my surgery and I hope it can stay this way in the future. Hopefully, as you continue navigating life with endometriosis, you learn what works for you when managing your pain and symptoms away from home and all the extra planning allows you to enjoy your trip and those around you.

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