Fear and Endometriosis

“Being brave isn’t the absence of fear. Being brave is having that fear but finding a way through it.”

In my experience with endometriosis, there have been many times that I was scared and afraid. Whether it was the fear of my next period, the fear of my next doctor’s appointment, or the fear of what endometriosis meant for my future – the fear was, and at times still is there. Being unsure of what is going on with your health, having to see many doctors and undergo many tests, all while being in pain is true for many with endometriosis.` However, being scared or unsure does not make you weak. I think that going through scary times and being brave enough to persevere through them has made me a stronger person today. Through the ups and the downs, I have learned that although I may not always have control over the endometriosis in my body, I always have control over how I respond. Being positive about endometriosis can at times be difficult. Yet over the years, I have learned to adapt during difficult times, leaned on my family, and developed ways to get through these hardships. I try to make a plan, set a goal, be positive, ask and accept help, and most importantly, be brave. Having fear is normal, but how you respond to that fear can be more powerful than the original weight of the fear itself.

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